News Analysis: Home Invader Slices Throat, And Leaves When Shot At

Kaehne targeted the home because it looked like it did not have many occupants. He entered through a window, which he propped open with canisters, and stood in the bedroom of a man and woman for about 40 minutes before the man woke up.

Summary: So this psychopath breaks into this house after romanticizing (and journaling!) about how great it will be to kill this couple that he has apparently been surveilling. Bad guy comes in through a window, which was probably unlocked and without alarm protection, and watches them sleep for 40 minutes before making his move. He attacks the husband first slicing his throat. While they are fighting, the wife wakes up and gets a gun out and shoots at the bad guy, scaring him away.

What can we learn from this? Let’s make a list.

  • Random crime happens and psychopaths are walking among us. The first step is to reserve the space in your mind for the possibility that you might wake up in your bed and have to fight for your life as your eyes open. If you accept that this is within the realm of possibility, you can understand the need for preparing to prevent and deal with it.
  • Harden your home. More time to react is always preferred. Cheap window alarms, window locks, or a dog would have alerted the homeowners or possibly prevented the intrusion. Make yourself the harder target so the psycho will kill your neighbors instead.
  • The bad guy did some amount of surveillance before choosing this house. There is no telling how long he cased this house before he decided this was the right house. It could have been minutes, or days. In either case, understanding basic Surveillance Detection is a crucial skill. Whether it’s passive or active detection, it’s important to learn some method to see if you or your family are being watched or followed.
  • The man might not be the one who shoots at the bad guy. As is often the case, the bad guy singles out the man first, either because he answered the door or the man is perceived as the bigger threat. This is just more evidence that you need to assure your spouse is competent, confident, and capable of shooting whatever guns are at hand. My wife has a Ruger 10/22 with a white light and red dot that she is very competent with. She can operate any gun we own, but she prefers the .22. It’s her favorite gun to shoot, she shoots it most, she shoots it best, and so that’s her home defense gun. Not too complicated. This is an important point because…
  • There might be a ‘downrange friendly‘ shot. From the brief description here, it sounds very likely that the wife had to shoot with her husband downrange. Wouldn’t you like to know your spouse could make a shot with you downrange, under stress, in low light and on demand? I sure would.
  • When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk. The wife was under no obligation to give verbal commands. Let’s let Tuco from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly explain…
  • Sometimes bad guys will stop their actions without being shot. Whether it’s just the sight of a gun or the noise one makes, psychological stops happen all the time. We just can’t count on them. It’s still a positive outcome for the good guys. There’s no telling how many situations are diffused by drawing a pistol and not having to shoot.

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5 thoughts on “News Analysis: Home Invader Slices Throat, And Leaves When Shot At”

  1. In one of his books, Jimmy Cirillo relates that he was asked during a trial if he had “announced his office.” His reply was that he had but he didn’t think the criminals had heard him. The defense attorney asked why, to which Jimmy replied: “Because of all the gunfire going on.”

    That wouldn’t fly nowadays but I think it’s useful in terms of demonstrating attitude and motivation.

  2. It is my practice to keep my bedroom difficult to enter, even from inside the home, as well as from the outside. The very last thing I want to experience is to wake up, or not, and have an armed intruder in my bedroom.

  3. I liked this post except for one statement, “random crime happens.” I have to disagree with that. In this event, the criminal targeted, planned and even journaled about killing this couple. These actions show that the crime was not random. However, I could agree that in some cases the victims can be random such as unintended target of a driveby shooting or similar. Mostly, victims are targeted for being soft or easy targets. Assigning the term random to crime gives the impression that nothing can be done or that its about being unlucky, which is a disservice to your previous posts.

    1. You know, you’re absolutely right. I should have said ‘seemingly random’. It’s akin to saying ‘he came out of nowhere’. Well, no he didn’t. You weren’t paying attention. And had this couple been more switched on, they might have been able to detect the surveillance before the loony made his move. It IS possible however, that this couple was arbitrarily chosen, but clearly the reason to finally move was based on the bad guy’s observations (not many people in the house, etc). Thanks for pointing this out, and thanks for keeping my word choice honest. I tend to get lazy worded if I don’t pay close attention… 🙂

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    If you don’t have a gun, get one. There is nowhere you can move to that is safe. Arm yourself and educate yourself. If this couple had called the cops, they’d have only written the reports and called the coroner.

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