This blog started as an experiment and repository for information I could pass to my son. I wanted him to be able to read his father’s words to learn about personal protection and staying safe in a dangerous world. Fast forward a few years, and I’m still coming up with content to share. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, so I’ll keep going.

Who am I?


I’m a dad, husband, engineer, and student of the arts of personal protection and self sufficiency. I want to impart as much of my collected knowledge as I can, to help keep you and your family safe.

I’ve been training with professional firearms companies for over 14 years, and I am constantly looking for the next morsel of info to assimilate into my life. When I do, I’ll pass it on.

Our goal should be to live a full, happy, and safe life. To raise confident, competent, and conscientious children.  The emphasis of my writing is on personal protection and firearms, but occasionally I’ll stray into other related topics.

Let’s Learn Together,


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good afternoon dear blog owner,
    Like you I am a firearms enthusiast and a father. I find your posts extremely valuable.

    I am from South africa.
    Having suvived armed conflict during a carjacking I too have embarked on a process of questioning and re-evaluating everything i know about self defence. I have built quite a knowledge base over the past couple of months of which yours will now form a fundamental part of…

    I wish to ask permission to re-use your content for a non-profit page as I would like to share my learnings too. I will give due credit to the author as one would expect with links to the authors page as one would expect.

    I am still in the process of developing my page and would like to share with you my content if you deem it valuable for your page.

    I would require to adapt it to suit the South african context as from what i can gather there are a number of differences in where and how threats materialize. I would still in such a case give credit to the original author irrespective.


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