Common sense

Anatomy of a Negative Outcome

The Tactical Professor breaks down a Negative Outcome from the news. Most gun people would get much more utility out of understanding how these events shake out in court and the possible repercussions of choosing to deploy their firearm than buying RECOIL magazine and drooling over the new Glock 43. My tune has changed DRAMATICALLY over the last 8 years of studying this art. Giving these sorts of cases consideration will help you make a better decision at the moment of truth.

Hiatus from the Blog

Sorry for being absent from writing new material for the blog in recent weeks. My health issues have resurfaced and I will be out of pocket for several months undergoing treatment. My writing efforts recently have been focused on writing my son a sort of manifesto on how to live a good life as a man in case I’m not there to do it in person. It’s a morbid exercise, but necessary if I want to guarantee my son can read my words in my voice.

It’s been a useful exercise that I suggest everyone does. Write down what you stand for, what you believe, what is important, and how you would tell your children the way to live a fulfilling and successful life (whatever that is to you).

I might post sporadically, but probably will wait until the flip side. Thanks for reading.

Protect the Brood and Cherish Your Time with Them,

Defensive Daddy (Mark Luell)

Having a personal code

This concept of having a personal code is something that I think a large number of people would do well to think about. It’s easy to just say, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. But you’re short changing yourself if you don’t give it some extra thought. It helps you see who you are, what is important, and what you are willing to do with your limited time on this planet. Your code helps define you, in your own brain. Mine is “memento mori” (remember your mortality).