Control What You Can

Cecil at Immediate Action Combatives posted this link. I think every one of you should read it.

You are responsible for you. You are responsible for your actions. You do have control over who your enemy will be fighting. You have control over the training you will have had. You have control over what speed and accuracy you will be able to achieve. You have control over whether you are fit enough to move, fast enough. You are in control of everything that you are in control of. Accept that responsibility.

Hold yourself to a higher standard and DO THE WORK.



…we want to get to that level of functionality where we can accomplish the … goals as fast as humanly possible. But realistically, while we need to get to work as soon as possible and do as much as we can, we can’t do it all because we only have so many hours in the day, and some skills and improvements only come over time. As an example, getting strong enough to not get bulled around by an attacker cannot come overnight. To build that level of strength, especially if we start at a place of being fairly weak requires effort over time…

This is a great reminder from my friend and the operator of Immediate Action Combatives, Cecil Burch. I have to remind myself of this fact constantly. A day at a time and stay on the grind.


Train with Cecil if you get a chance. He’s an outstanding trainer and coach.

Legal defense plans

I feel sort of silly reposting a post with a link to another post, but this is an important topic. One that I honestly haven’t prepared for enough. There are three fights associated with using a gun to defend yourself. The gun fight, the legal fight, and the emotional fight. Surviving the first is paramount, but planning for the legal battle is critical. Give it some thought and consider the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network. It’s not as sexy as talking about new guns hitting the market, or high speed marksmanship skills, but ignoring it is folly.