Memento Mori / Do The Work Silicone Bracelet

While I was writing the post on Memento Mori, I fortuitously came across a recent post by Ross Enamait entitled Motivation is Overrated. To summarize that post, motivation is fleeting and temporary. To be great we have to be willing to embrace the grind, be disciplined, and just Do The Work (even when it’s uncomfortable). This phrase “Do The Work” has been repeated to me by every mentor I have in the shooting/combat sports/fitness/multidisciplinary self-defense game. That is what we call a clue.

Achieving goals is simple, but it’s not easy. Do the work.


I had the idea to make myself a bracelet that would be a constant reminder of my two main inspirations in this life. To make the most of my limited time remaining (Memento Mori), and have the discipline to make the right decisions based on my goals (Do The Work). I have the ability to easily talk myself out of making the right choice, and I wanted a physical reminder.

I wanted it to be subdued because it’s a reminder for only me. I don’t care to advertise or make it a big deal. I chose a 3/4″ wide black band. The band is 7.95″ in circumference. The two phrases are on opposing sides of the bracelet. Silicone is a pliable, light, and tough material.

I made my bracelet, but there was a minimum order amount…

So I have LOTS extra! If you want one, They’re $5 shipped to the US ($3.75 if you buy 2 or more). If you’re outside the US, I’ll likely have to increase postage, so email me.

Here’s a link to the E-Store. A link will remain at the top of the main page until I run out (I probably won’t).