Memento Mori – Do The Work Silicone Bracelet

A reminder to Do The Work and remember your mortality. Make the most of it.

A reminder to Do The Work and remember your mortality. Make the most of it.

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By popular demand, I’ve made a version 3 of my Memento Mori Bracelets. This iteration has the blood red “Memento Mori” and the opposing side has three visual reminders.

  • The Wilting Flower shows the delicate and beautiful life we have today.
  • The Skull reminds us of our eventual and inescapable death.
  • The Hourglass is a reminder that time marches on, ready or not.

Inside the bracelet is a blacked out “Do The Work.” You know what you need to do, start now.

This simple jewelry is a durable and regular reminder that we are mortal things. The show will end. We can choose to become nihilistic about this, or we can let our temporal nature motivate us to make the most of the moment. I choose the later.

I find the bracelet is a more practical way to be reminded than the coins and other tokens that I’ve seen from other places.

If you want an exercise to understand what this is all about, please read this and follow along.

I had the idea to make myself a bracelet that would be a constant reminder of my two main inspirations in this life. To make the most of my limited time (Memento Mori), and have the discipline to make the right decisions based on my goals (Do The Work). I hope it helps you too.

Memento MoriĀ / Do The Work BLACK Silicone Bracelet, Maroon (blood red) letter fill
3/4″ wide, size Large (average adult wrist)

Shown on 7 1/4″ wrist.

The band is 7.95″ in circumference. Silicone is a pliable, light, and tough material.

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